The Aspirotor has a long standing record of successful operation in both Europe and the UK in the curing of downdraught in both flue and chimney systems. Whatever the weather, no matter how hard the wind blows, the stainless steel turbine head maintains efficient draw in the flue.

In situations where the draw on the system is insufficient, the Aspirotor will assist in generating an efficient draw on the flue. The Aspirotor has been widely used to ventilate away the dangers of methane gas on land fill sites.

2 sizes available

Model 150
115-180mm internal flue diameter

Model 200
180-235mm internal flue diameter

Anchor leg and strap set

For use on all fuel systems, gas, oil, wood, coal

Tested and certificated to BS715:1993 and BSEN 1856-1:2003

Stainless steel turbine head

Cast aluminium base

Easy fit using four stainless steel hook bolts and wing nuts

Twin high temperature (up to 200°c) oil filled bearings for a smooth, quiet operation

Only requires a wind speed of 4mph to start turbine head rotating

Easy clean facilities, swivel head as standard to allow easy cleaning of system

Optional anchor leg and strap fixing for exposed locations

Optional powder coated finish in terracotta, buff or black, other colours available on request

Optional special bases to suit a variety of applications i.e. small/large round, square and rectangular outlets

Money back guarantee

Powder Coated Black (also available in terracotta and buff)

Aspirotor in cleaning position

Adapter sleeves for fixing to special round and square installation

- Chimney and flue systems must be swept before any terminal is fitted to avoid possible problems in the future.
- If fitting to a metal flue a bespoke adapter is required.
- Max wind speed of 90mph and maximum exhaust temperature of 250°C.

List Prices and Model
ASPIROTOR MODEL 150 (115 - 180mm)
ASPIROTOR MODEL 200 (180 - 235mm)
ADAPTOR BASE PLATE - Round or Square
Extra for powder coating Aspirotor Models


All prices exclude VAT



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